Your Roof and Insurance Coverage

That drip, drip, drip that you’re hearing (or worse…feeling) is never a good sign. Its one thing when its your pipes dripping, it’s a whole other beast when its your roof. Roof ┬árepair is some of the most dreaded words in home ownership and never looked forward to by anyone. You never hear anyone get excited about repairing or replacing their roof, it’s just one of those expenses that no one wants to think about. Especially if you have to deal with the insurance company.

Before starting a roof repair, check with your insurance company regarding just what is covered within your policy and what is not. Where complete roof replacement is generally not covered by most plans, roof repairs often are but only under certain circumstances. If your roof sustained damage during a storm, that repair is usually covered by most plans. But if the damage is caused by neglect or is something that could have been avoided, the homeowner is generally responsible for cost of repairs. Understand also that certain roofing materials, such as cedar shake or durable slate, are often not covered by insurance plans. The age of your roof and the number of roofing layers also complicate insurance issues. Make sure to thoroughly read through your insurance policy and make sure that you understand the terms before beginning any costly roof repair.

The David Hazen Group strives to complete every roof repair we do in Carmel and its surrounding areas, promptly and professionally. We do a thorough examination to find the original source of the problem and offer free roof inspections allowing us to keep affordability in mind. We also offer warranties on our repairs. Call us at 317-844-4444 for your free estimate today.image-lower-right

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