Storm / Hail Damage

Is your Roof Leaking?

roof leaks

The David Hazen group takes great pride in locating the source of the original leak. Roof Leaks can come from multiple locations on the roof and travel great distance before leaking in your home, in some cases it can come in through the cracks in your chimney and you might need a chimney repair.

There are many reasons why your home may need a roofing expert to come out to inspect your roof, we are happy to give you a Free Roof Inspection. While we are there, we will inspect for loose shingles and shingle performance, leaks and Storm Damage that may have occurred due to high winds. Ice and hail may also have damaged your roof.

Storm Damage

If you have storm damage or are experiencing an active water leak, call us for Emergency Service. We can install Emergency Tarps which are covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. If we determine you do have storm damage, you can utilize our insurance claim specialists that will help assist you with your claim and your insurance company.

Hail Damage

Hail Damage


Hail can damage your Roof, Siding, Windows, Gutters, Paint & More. Some damage is not always visible from the ground but can be found during a simple inspection.  The David Hazen Group   here to help assist you in any roofing Insurance Claims & Repairs you nay need. We are experienced in working with many different Insurance companies. Our staff will meet with you at your home and at this time we will inspect the home for any hail damage. The David Hazen Group can handle your hail damage claim from start to finish, making it a stress free process. 

We Warranty Our Repairs!

Avoiding costly roof repairs: Many roof repairs can be prevented by performing regularly scheduled Roof Maintenance. A good roof maintenance plan today is better than having to pay the high price of a new roof tomorrow. Call us to learn about our Roofing Maintenance Program.

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