Exterior Home Inspection

A good home exterior maintenance plan today is better than a high price repair tomorrow.

Many costly repairs can be prevented by performing a regularly scheduled Inspection & Maintenance.


How do we inspect your home exterior?

Our inspection starts at the top of your home and works its way down to ground level.  We take detailed notes of problems found, give you a report of the problems found, and make recommendation on the appropriate fix for the problems. We inspect all visible exterior areas that can be safely accessed from the outside of your home.  Our inspections are limited to what we can visually see from the outside of your home.

How much does the inspection cost?

Our residential inspection starts at $100 and may go up in price based on the size of the house and the difficulty of the inspection.  The average inspection price is $150.

What is included in the inspection?

  1. A detailed Inspection Report with recommended maintenance or repairs needed
  2. A $75 credit towards repairs or preventive maintenance


There are many reasons why you would want your roof, gutters, & other exterior areas inspected.  Contact us for your inspection.





Rubber Boots need replacing every 7-10 Years




Shingles may have blown off an unseen area.  We inspect the entire roof for missing shingles.




Nail Pops are common.We repair $1000s of dollars interior wall repairs each year as a result of small nail hole leaks.




This rotted wood repair could have been avoided.




Leaky Gutters will result in major wood repair.  Gutter miters should be re-caulked every 5-10 years depending on the grade of caulked used.

Leaky Gutters Revised



Gutters should be re-secured before falling off.




Chimney Flashing CaulkFlashing caulk can fail or become dislodge over time resulting in significant roof leaks and interior damage to your home.




Hail & Wind Damage.Our roofing experts can assist you with any insurance claim.  Our involvement often results in legitimate claim increases.




Shingles that form around outside corners will often crack resulting in a leak.




This siding blow off could have been avoided by securing it prior to a wind storm.




Loose siding can result in a major siding blow-off.




This window repair could have been avoided with proper caulking and paint touch up.




Loose Drain Tile can lead to foundation damage.




Clogged Gutters can cause Foundation erosion, wood rot and basement leaks, We will inspect your gutters to make sure they are working.