Chimneys are a beautiful part of your home, but can quickly become one of your most costly repairs when they break.  When it comes to your chimney services you can trust that the David Hazen Group’s highly train chimney repair man will perform the highest quality repairs at a reasonable price.

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We are capable of handling all your chimney needs. We service Wood, Composites, Stone, Stucco, and Brick Chimneys.


For chimneys that are beyond repair, we can rebuild your chimney to current building code.  Our experience masons will rebuild your chimney to last using the latest trade techniques.


* We utilize hard to find brick sources. (Reclaimed bricks an option)

* Special color blend technique used to visually blend outer brick color of new



Tuck-pointing is the process  of infilling mortar joints that have damage or deterioration.  Old mortar is removed though grinding or chiseling.  Once removed new mortar is reapplied inside mortar joints and finished to a desired specification with hand tools.





    • Substantially improves the value of your home
    • Restores your home to its original beauty
    • Protects against water damage and structural defects
    • Is cost effective and looks great
  • Perfect finish for heritage homes, brick schools, churches and historic buildings


Chimneys are high risk leak areas and prone to leak.  Most chimneys are inadequately flashed and with quite often will fail. The David Hazen Group, does not cut corners and we take extra preventive measure to ensure that your flashing will hold up the test of time.

Our Flashing Process

We start by grinding our mortar joints and smartly bending our counter flashing in our grinded mortar joints. Before, installing the new counter flashing we caulk the joints, and then we insert the flashing forming an extremely strong bond that holds the flashing in place In addition all new quality materials, we always install Ice & Water Shield on all of high risk leak areas as an added protection help prevent leaks.  


Water is your chimney’s number one enemy. As water enters into the crown top or motor joints, it will eventually freeze and expand, creating larger cracks and possibly leaks.  Once the cracking starts it progressed rapidly.   The three best ways to protect your chimney are as follow

  • Spraying a Water Proofing Sealant on all of the chimney surfaces.
  • Install a protective Chimney Caps or Chase Cover to shed water away from the top of the chimney.  Alternatively,  a less expensive method is to apply crown coating to your chimney cement top/ crown.

Waterproofing & Crown Coatings

Chimney Crowns are cement formed around the chimney components to form a water tight surface preventing water penetrating into your chimney.The Cement Crown as well as the entire masonry chimney must be waterproof to protect prevent water from entering in.   Failure to water proof will result in costly repairs and perhaps completely having to rebuild your chimney.  Another popular alternative to help protect your chimney crown is to install a Chase Cover that will shed the water away from the chimney top.


CrownCoat brushable sealant is a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. It’s specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water intrusion and is easy to apply with a 3″ or 4″ paint brush.

Advantages of crown coat:

  • Existing cracks, gaps, and voids are filled, – entire crown is coated and weather tight.
  • Prevents crack formation through which chimney leaks occur.
  • Further brick chimney repair & fireplace chimney repair needs from chimney leaks are eliminated!

Helps to preserve & maintain existing & restored integrity preventing structural compromise


Protective chimney caps prevent water, leaves, animals, snow and other debris from entering the chimney flue.

Chimney caps come in several different materials including:  Galvanized Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Ceramic and Copper.



A Chase cover, sometimes referred to as a chase top, is a pre-fabricated metal pan that covers the top of your chimney intended to shed water, ice and snow away from your chimney top. Chase covers come in several different materials including:  Galvanized Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper Kynar steel. Depending on which material you select they come in a variety of colors.  We always recommend a stainless or corrosion resistant chase covers.  We recommend that your chase covers always have cross breaks with a built in drip edge that will help shed water away from your chimney.

We encourage our customers to purchase corrosion proof products. Most chimney companies install materials that eventually will rust; this is why we recommend upgrading corrosion proof or stainless metal material.



An improperly cleaned chimney can create a variety of problems. Build-up in your chimney can often cause cracks, obstructions, and even decrease the air quality in your home. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you get an annual sweep of your chimney, particularly before winter begins.