Why You Should Avoid Out-of-Town Roof Contractors

Fishers IN Roof Repair
A storm has just hit your town, your home is damaged and you are feeling desperate. This type of situation is exactly what out of town “storm chaser” contractors are looking for. These types of out of town contractors should be avoided at all costs!

Out of Town is Out of the Question!

Credible contractors are local, knowledgeable companies who know local inspection requirements, weather conditions, and other specifics about materials used in your region. Out of town contractors are just looking for a quick way to make a few extra bucks. They most likely do not know about certain conditions for roofing installation and can end up putting your home at future risk.

Ask for Proof of Local Licenses

One thing to make sure when hiring a contractor is that they’re licensed locally. If they are not licensed locally, it could cause many problems if there’s an accident while working on your property. In some cases, the homeowner or their insurance company may be liable for the worker’s accident while working your home! Do not put your home at risk by hiring someone that’s not certified and licensed properly to work in your area.

Watch out for Quick Patch Jobs

Another reason to avoid “storm chasers” when needing roof repair, is they often are in a hurry to make money in an opportune time after a storm. This can cause them to cut corners and not be as thorough with their insurance and other important steps. Make sure that you ask for proof of insurance and that it is up-to-date! Also, many of these types of contractors will simply do a patch job with unpaid materials. Do your research and make sure that the materials they are using are paid for. Ask to see the receipts to insure that they don’t stick you with the bill— twice!

In conclusion, be patient after a storm. Even though you may be anxious to get the damage fixed, doing some research and asking for local contractor referrals will save you in the long run. Avoid “storm chaser” scams by taking the time to ask for proper insurance, licensing and don’t sign anything that you don’t understand. Many times once the out of town contractor leaves town, a warranty is void and all of the benefits that you thought you were buying no longer apply. Not only will you save future woes, but the quality of work and future customer service that you get is worth the wait.

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