New Roof Types for Midwest Homes

You’re home’s roof is the first line of protection and most important asset of your property. It’s more than just a simple layer of shingles, it’s a highly involved system of insulation and materials that provide stability and protection, which can make a huge difference in the overall value of your home! Choosing which roof is best for your home is essential to the overall protection.

A wide variety of roofing systems are available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages pertaining to installation in Midwest region homes. David Hazen Group has extensive experience with all types of rooftop materials, having served Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Avon, Greenwood and the surrounding areas for many years! We asked our knowledgeable techs for their best comparison of roof materials. The following is their expert analysis.

Thermoplastic (PVS or TPO) Heat Welded Systems

TPO Roof Shingles Zionsville, IN

Advantages: Flexible, lightweight, energy efficient, high resistance to chemicals, ozone, ultraviolet light, tears, and punctures. Can be installed in various temperature conditions which is key for Midwest climates.

Disadvantages: TPO has only been around since the early 1990’s and hasn’t yet been perfected to combine quality & durability to ensure longevity, while preserving a competitive price point.

EPDM (More Commonly Known as Rubber Roofing)

Rubber Roofing Indianapolis

Advantages: Variety of widths & lengths, comes in both white and black, and can be installed fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted, with various sealants. These are great characteristics because the Midwest Region has such a wide variety of temperature changes and different weather situations. Fire retardant and non-fire retardant materials are offered in this type of roof as well.

Disadvantages: Mostly used on low slope homes, this type of roof is not always ideal for Midwest homes because most are built with high slopes due to the snow accumulation.

Modified Bitumen

Advantages: Materials of fiberglass or polyester and used since the 1970s, this composite is highly durable and flexible. Also available in a variety of colors which can be helpful for energy efficiency within many climates and different types of homes and buildings. Resistance to foot traffic also makes this a great choice for residential and industrial roofs.

Disadvantages: A lower lifespan than EPDM and less environmentally friendly material can make this a less appealing option. Additionally, you need to make sure that proper drainage is installed, in order to increase the lifespan.

Built Up Roofing (BUR)

BUR Roof Shingles Fishers Indiana

Advantages: Longest used type of roofing material, this system has been perfected and is highly protective. Excellent puncture resistance which can be ideal for Midwest homes, which can be hit with hail and other debris from tree limbs in the Midwest regions.

Disadvantages: High prices are a deterrent for this option, as well as the conditions of installation which are highly dangerous and more complex. Multiple layers also increase the periodic maintenance that is needed.

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We have been installing and repairing residential rooftops for many years throughout the Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Avon, and Greenwood. If you live in one of these Midwest cities and are looking for roofing expertise – please look no further! Contact us today.

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