New Roof: Protecting Your Investment

As we all know, your home is perhaps the most valuable investment you and your family have. The roof of your home does exactly that – keeps you and your family sheltered from the extreme outdoor environment of the Midwest. Over the years, your roof will become worn and visually age from the wear-and-tear of the weather outdoors. Most roof shingles will last around 15-30 years, depending upon conditions such as weather and the amount of maintenance you perform regularly. It’s always a good idea to have a qualified roofing company inspect and examine the overall health of your roof… and if necessary, maintain and repair as needed to prolong the life of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

As most homeowners are busy with their lives, they simply do not have the time or ability to see the fine details of their roof. In some cases, the roofs are so high and out of sight from the ground view, that the homeowners are blind to the small or larger problems that are occurring with their roofs. You might find it interesting to know that over 50% of roofs that are 10 years old or older require repair or maintenance. A great portion of this end up being much larger problems such as wood rot, interior leaks & mold growth in your home.

Missing Shingles Need FixedNail Popup Cause Water Leak

Items Included In Roof Maintenance

We work hard to replace missing shingles, nail down loose shingles, caulk cracked shingle, caulk chimney flashing, re-secure loose chimney flashing, and blow off decomposing debris which can lead to algae, moss growth, and more.

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