Most Common Roof Problems

A roof is one of the most important features of your home, yet it can also cause the most damage when there’s a problem! Many issues can be prevented with proper installation and maintenance. Overall, it’s important to understand the potential problems and be able to identify them to avoid larger issues.

We’d like to share the most common roof problems for homes in the Midwest, based on our experience in providing roof repairs in Carmel Indiana for many years.

1. The Problem: Ice Dams


Winter weather can often cause roof leaks which damage the interior of your home. Ice dams occur when the exterior roof is warmer than the outside temperatures. As the snow melts, it will refreeze around the colder areas, such as your roof overhangs and gutters. The refreezing will start to form a high area called an ice dam. Once the ice dam builds up to a high point, water will reverse itself and can cause the roof to leak inside your home.

The Fix: Ice & Water Shields

Carmel IN Gutter Ice Shield
Preventing this damage can be done with proper ventilation, insulation, and also by installing “ice and water shields” under the shingles.

2. The Problem: Chimneys

Just like there are many types of roof materials, there are also many types of chimneys that can be installed. Coupled with the different types of installation methods over the past decade of home building and you’ve got a whole puzzle to solve, based on many potential problems that a chimney can cause. For instance, problems can occur when water runs straight down the roof, hitting the chimney directly head-on, causing water to splash and back up. This can commonly cause roof leaks.

The Fix: Install a Saddle


The saddle is a small roof diverter, which acts to redirect water around the chimney, instead of right into it. A professional roofer can help you determine if a saddle is needed for your chimney.

3. The Problem: Flashing

Flashing is a piece of metal or other material that is placed on your roof at intersections or places of projection; such as chimney, pipes, or valleys. Flashing is used to prevent seepage of water at these locations. The problem occurs when flashing is not installed properly or when it comes loose over time, causing leaks and water damage!

The Fix: Regular roof maintenance
Regular roof maintenance and roof inspection of these areas can prevent major problems. If roof upkeep is regular, the problem areas can be detected well before any leaking occurs.

4. The Problem: Curling & Buckling


Shingle curling and buckling can occur over time as roof shingles age. A common problem called the “double bake affect”, can occur when the attic is not properly ventilated; and when there’s just as much heat built-up within the attic, as there is on the roof surface from the sun. When this happens, the shingles get “double-baked” from both above and below the roof! This will prematurely wear-out shingles.

The Fix: Proper Ventilation and Insulation

Proper ventilation and insulation can help to minimize your risk of “double-baking”, and can greatly increase the life span of your roof.

Find a Quality Roofing Contractor

Consult the experts and ask plenty of questions during installation to ensure they’re using the correct methods to prevent these common roof issues. If buying a home, make sure the roof inspection is completed by a roof expert and that all flashing is inspected thoroughly and replaced if needed. A common mistake is that home owners will use real estate inspection companies to inspect their home. Most real estate roof inspections are not thorough, in many cases the home inspectors will not even walk your roof. It’s always best to hire an independent roofing contractor to do a thorough inspection of your home.

Be sure to research materials best suited for your climate and the weather conditions where you live. It may be worth the extra money and repair costs to ensure that your roof is intact for years to come! If you are seeking a roof contractor in Carmel Indiana, please consider contacting David Hazen Group for the best in roofing expertise and quality service.

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