Best Ways to Prevent Roof Stains from Algae and Moss

How to Prevent Algae & Moss Roof Growth

Living in a humid climate, algae and moss are common due to moisture and airborne spores. Roof stains can destroy shingles and damage the roof. The Midwest has an especially high rate of algae growth, due to the climate and type of vegetation that can cause algae & moss to grow rapidly. As the dust blows and lands on your roof, it gives algae the foundation to grow. Moss will normally require decomposed tree debris in order to grow. Decomposed debris greatly accelerates the algae growth.

Algae & moss growth prevention is the key to sustaining a healthy home and maintaining the lifespan of your shingles. This can be achieved through the following methods.

1. Purchase Roof Shingles Impregnated with Copper or Zinc

Copper and zinc will kill plant growth. When you’re ready for a new roof, be sure to ask your contractor about these special shingles. Or simply call the David Hazen Group (your local roofing contractor in Carmel, IN) and we will help you find the best shingle for your needs! Keep in mind, that most shingle manufacturers will only give a limited warranty on algae & moss growth. So it’s important to work with a contractor you can trust to recommend and install the best solution for you and your home.

2. Keep Your Roof Blown Off and Clear of Debris

As stated before, the trees and vegetation that hang over your roof or blow onto your shingles can feed any existing moss with decomposed tree debris. Keeping your roof clear of debris helps to combat the potential for growth and will keep your roof in better condition overall. The David Hazen Group offers roof maintenance, along with its gutter cleaning services and roof cleaning and moss & algae prevention products such as explained below.

3. How to Remove and Treat Ugly Black Streaks Caused by Algae Growth

To treat algae and remove the black streaks, the David Hazen Group offers two main treatments. The first treatment is the traditional low-pressure, chemical cleaning method. This method works by applying a chemical to the affected areas and using a low-pressure wash to rinse the roof stains off. This traditional, low-pressure method provides you with instant results!

Eliminate algae and moss streaks on your roof

The second method of treating your roof works by utilizing a cleaning detergent called Spray & Forget. Spray & Forget is the safest and most gentle approach to roof cleaning. This method does not require a pressure washer or harsh chemicals.

Spray & Forget requires 1-3 treatments depending on how bad the stains are. It works by applying a gentle chemical and allowing it to sit on the roof. Within two or three months you will start seeing initial results, and normally you’ll see full results within six months. Make sure to hire a qualified roof cleaning contractor such as the David Hazen Group. We’ve been cleaning roofs in Fishers, Zionsville, and Indianapolis for over 20 years!

The Ugly Truth About Moss

David says, “If you see green moss growing on your roof, then your roof is already damaged”. The moss actually grows though the stone granules and pushes the granules back and forth until they become dislodged. Once the granules are dislodged, your shingle then has no protection. It will eventually crack and allow water though, which can lead to a roof leak.

If you have any questions regarding your roof staining or streaks in the Indianapolis area, feel free to email us at

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