Best Gutter Covers: Leaf Solution & Tiny Hole Screen

Leaves, dirt, and seasonal grime can build up and clog your gutters causing major problems. Clogged gutters can cause leaks and running water to get into the foundation and cause mold, wood rot & roof damage. Good news is that your gutter woes can be solved by using gutter covers to prohibit dirt and debris from entering your gutters – keeping them in great shape for many years.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each product:

1. Leaf Solution – stainless steel mesh cover with three seams for water redirection


2. Tiny Hole Screen – galvanized tiny hole system


Learn about our best two gutter covers, as we compare their materials, best features, installation and designs below.


Best Quality Materials: Leaf Solution is in first place for materials, with their 25 year warranty and higher grade stainless steel materials put this competitor atop the bunch. However, Tiny Hole Screen is a very close runner-up also made of quality galvanized steel which can withstand the elements.

Leaf Solution: Stainless Steel Mesh on top of an aluminum based screen. The material alone puts this gutter guard above the others. The stainless steel mesh covers the entire gutter. Rustproof and durable for long lasting debris-free gutters.

Tiny Hole Screen: Commercial grade galvanized steel.The tiny hole cover has small holes in the mesh material that still allow tiny debris to make their way through. Material comes with a 20 year warranty, rust-resistant material with high durability.

Unique Features

Leaf Solution: Three seam water redirection. The Leaf Solution system has three seams that run the length of the gutter cover. The seams redirect the water entirely and filter out all of the debris in order to keep them out of the gutter and resist clogs. Also it’s designed to handle large amounts of water.

Tiny Hole Screen: The small holes still handle large amounts of water (above industry standards). The Tiny Hole Screen works to prevent the larger debris from entering the gutter, while most of the smaller debris gets washed down the downspout.

Installation & Design

Installation: With both products, the back installs under the shingle, while the front of the cover screws onto the front lip of your gutter. This offers a natural slope that allows debris to blow over the gutter covers.

Leaf Solution: Comes in different colors, which helps it blend in with the colors of your roof.

Tiny Hole Screen: Comes in a solid black, which blends in with the natural shadow of the inside of your gutters.


Both products offer excellent protection from leaves entering your gutter system.

Our first choice is the Leaf Solution because it literally prevents all debris from entering your gutters, and comes with a 25-year no-clog warranty!

Our second choice is the Tiny Hole Screen! We love this product because of its excellent results in protecting your gutters from clogging. At its affordable price and 20-year material warranty, you get a great value for your money.

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